doc/lab offers a complete toolset for scientific publications and events, providing a comprehensive framework for submission, review and online publication.

focus on content

From first submission to online publishing, doc/lab reduces the workload from the review process for scientific publications, allowing authors, reviewers and editors to focus on content rather than the process.


Authors are guided along the submission process, formatted according to the publication’s guidelines, ensuring consistency and reducing format reviews.


Reviewers have easy access to all relevant information at a glance. Editors can manage the status of all submissions from an informative visual dashboard. Communication between roles is automated.


One-click publishing delivers approved articles across various publishing platforms. doc/lab can also publish directly on your organization’s website.


doc/lab includes standard profiles for every major role in the peer-review process, with automated communication for common tasks. Profiles ensure permission management, information control, and blind reviews. This also enables decluttering the experience for each role, streamlining the process for everyone involved. Custom roles and profiles can be created on demand, according to your publication’s requirements.


Authors submit drafts for review and have permanent access to all information pertaining to submitted drafts, including versions, revisions, and comments. Author accounts have open communication with editors. The author dashboard provides current status and full activity history for every submission, keeping an archive of all feedback for retrospective review.


Editors supervise reviews and publication for all submitted drafts. To simplify what can become an overwhelming role, the editor dashboard offers a judiciously simple status overview of all ongoing reviews. Important statistics and pending tasks are presented upfront, for an immediate grasp on current overall status. Article listings are visually enhanced for clarity and intuitive interpretation, regarding their status and required actions.

Associated Editor

Associated Editors are invited to collaborate with the Journal Editor on specific submissions. This role provides full editorial control over specified submissions. While Associated Editors can only view and manage the articles they are invited to, they have access to all the same tools and features available to the Editor.


Reviewers are assigned submissions by the Editor, for a blind or double-blind process, depending on the journal policy. This profile has full access to content, history and communication regarding each assigned submission.

The submission process is designed to provide reviewers a structured presentation, for easy review and communication with the Author. Reviewers can choose to review drafts online or download an editable document.


After any necessary revisions, drafts with editorial approval are ready to publish directly from doc/lab, to the journal’s online archive and to any associated platforms (e.g. PubMed). Published articles can also be included in periodic journals, and doc/lab handles this process, maximizing convenience and reducing workload for Editors.

Notable Features


The dashboard summarizes the article management process, for an intuitive and comprehensive overview of the work in progress. The Editor dashboard provides quick access to articles that require immediate attention, displaying overall statistics and highlighting tasks that require inspection.


Drafts can be sorted and displayed in readable blocks or detailed lists, remembering each user’s preference. Color-coded lists facilitate quick visual sorting, making it easy to keep a grip on what needs to be done.


Important milestones trigger automated notifications for relevant profiles. Authors, reviewers and editors are notified of feedback, revision requests, rejections, and approvals. Numerous other notifications are provided, and can be toggled on or off for each profile.


doc/lab can automatically publish articles in specialized publications, such as the PubMed portal for medical sciences. Articles are formatted according to the publication’s guidelines, requiring only a final validation.

Reviewers Suggestions

By default, authors are invited to suggest three possible reviewers upon submission, who they believe are most suited to the topic. This feature enables Authors to uncover new researchers and scholars, who might in turn bring further value to the journal’s scientific committee.


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